Plotting TDX Cross-Tracks on Leg 2

Plotting cross-tracks can be one of the most challenging judging tasks when designing Tracking Dog Excellent tracks. The AKC Tracking Regulations require the cross-track layers to stay at least 75 yards away from the start of the track. It is important that the dog have an uncontaminated area around the start of the track to “lock in” on the primary tracklayer’s scent left on the start article and first leg of the track.

Many tracking sites have limited access to fields leaving judges few opportunities to bring in cross-track layers and get them out of the field without getting within 50 yards of the track (except when they are crossing the actual track). It is essential that the judging team have a plan for cross-tracks before they start plotting. Often, when faced with limited access to the field, you need to plan to bring in cross-track layers on the second leg of the track.

There are several options available to you when plotting the first cross-track on leg 2. Choose a design that works well for the field space available and ensures that the start area is unaffected. The following illustrations show three ways to effectively plot regulation cross-tracks on leg 2.

Don’t forget that the cross-tracks must be perpendicular to the track and be in a straight line at least 50 yards before and 50 yards after each crossing. Cross-track layers must also be instructed on how to exit the field in order to stay at least 50 yards away from any other portion of the primary track.

Happy Tracking!