Alternate Tracks

A frequent question from event committee members and judges is “Can we put in an extra track and use it for titling.”  The answer is a bit complex.

First, it depends on the test track limits that were set on the test application.  If the published track limit is already at the maximum number of dogs that judges can judge, then an alternate track may be plotted but would not be available as a titling track.  The maximum number of dogs two judges may test at a TD or TDU test in one day is 12, the maximum for TDX is 6 and the maximum for VST is 8.  However, at a combined test the limits change to:

Up to 2 TD/TDU with up to 5 TDX or 5 VST entries

Up to 4 TD/TDU with up to 4 TDX or 4 VST entries

Up to 6 TD/TDU with up to 3 TDX or 3 VST entries

Up to 8 TD/TDU with up to 2 TDX or 2 VST entries

Up to 10 TD/TDU with up to 1 TDX or 1 VST entry

TDX tracks combined with VST tracks are limited to 6 entries.

If the test has been approved for less than the maximum, then it would be possible to put in an alternate track which might be available as an additional opportunity for an alternate exhibitor to run for titling.  Whether an alternate track is plotted is the sole decision of the judges.  They will base their decision on the land available, equipment and personnel available, and their opinion that a regulation track that is equivalent to the other tracks is possible.  For an alternate track to be available for an additional titling track, it must be plotted on the same day as all other tracks.  It is imperative that the judges communicate their desire to put in an alternate track so that the club can be prepared.

Since the alternate track is at the discretion of the judges, a club should not publish that an additional track will be available in their premium list.  A test secretary may communicate with the first alternate in the test to let them know that an alternate track has been plotted.  However, the priority for use of the alternate track is to replace a fouled track.  The alternate exhibitor should be made aware of this priority and not promised a chance to run.

An alternate exhibitor will be offered the chance to run the alternate track after all of the regularly drawn dogs (including any bitches in season) have completed their tracks.

Happy Tracking!